C-Lights – world’s first
natural tealights!

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Today, the phrase “plant-based” is
used more to describe foods
emphasizing that … more

How to use.
Safety in Use

With all magical purposes,
candles have to be used
with care….more

Excellent, why
not perfect?

There are only a few factories,
where the industrial waste
composting exists…more

Candles have been a meaningful part
of human culture for centuries
Our desire is to maintain this
culture for the future. How
we can do that?

Being in harmony between us and nature. Educated,
responsible, passionate and happy people. Sustainable,
safe and inexpensive products. Sustainable production.
Sustainable consumption.

C-lights candles - future,
aesthetics and ethics
Natural-biobased ingredients. Looks
marvelous at night.
You reduce the consumption of
paraffin, aluminum and CO2 emissions.
You become a participant in the
mission to PROTECT Nature.
Our mission:
Produce candles
You can trust.
Alexandra, Amsterdam

The candles were a pleasant surprise, they burn beautifully, such a natural flame. I am
glad that by buying these teapots for my beauty salon (we use a lot of candles), I am
contributing to the preservation of nature.

Lorena Van

These candles surprised me – they are really very high quality, safe and most importantly – they do not harm Nature. I’m glad I discovered c-lights candles!

Ema Vilmes

C-lights candles are different – they differ in size and quality from ordinary candles. I am glad that the manufacturer of these candles focuses on renewable sources. It is important to me that the manufacturer is interested in safe candles, renewable sources, the health of people the planet.