The producers often call their products or services great, excellent or even perfect.

Perfection is a complicated concept and although such occurrence doesn’t exist in nature, people still use it to describe their products, services and many other things.

In your opinion, what would be a perfect candle if such candle existed? We believe without a doubt that it would have to be safe to use, fully sustainable, beautiful with a nice light as well as reasonably priced.

Nowadays, C-light candles meet almost all the criteria — they are made responsibly from natural , renewable sources using green energy. And when the candle is burned, all the waste can be reused or composted the industrial way. The waste that is left after burning the candle is only a cup and a metal wick holder. The holder can be easily detached and brought to the metal waste disposal while the cup can be disposed at the general waste container. The cup should not be placed into any of the household compost, green waste or plastic containers. A used cup is suitable only for industrial compost.




There are only a few factories, where the industrial waste composting exists. There is no suitable system of collecting and sorting. As this is the missing part in the product life cycle, the product we created is not exactly as we wanted it to be. We are certain that this is a temporary problem, which will be solved in the near future.